I went to Splendido for a special occasion last week, and I have to admit, I had an amazing meal. On top of that, Splendido had the best service I have experienced in Toronto. Before our reservation we received a phone call asking if there were any special dietary needs, and informing us that there was no more valet service (which I am happy about, because patrons would clog the bike lane on that portion of the street). At the restaurant, our server was knowledgeable and friendly, but the coordination of the service was remarkable. Below the waist each wore jeans, while above it white collared shirts and black vests or jackets were the uniform. When serving a large table, all the food came out at once with the servers coordinating the exit from the pass, as well as ensuring that the placement of the dish on the table happened at the same time for each diner. Very impressive.

The food was as good as the service. Memorable was the deer heart tartar with an oyster emulsion. While I usually think of organs as chewy, this raw heart was tender and delicious. My salmon entrée was nicely balanced with a white bean ragu and a delicious chive and mustard combination. My partner’s lamb was tender and delicious – she wouldn’t share much of it with me! We finished the meal with a goat cheese cheesecake. The next day we enjoyed the complimentary shortbread, provided by Splendido upon retrieving our coats, with tea. Overall a great experience.

Splendido on Urbanspoon


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