Buddha Pie

With Buddha in the name, you’d expect a humble, quiet, and contemplative pizza shop. And while the small place, decorated with children’s drawings on pizza boxes, certainly is humble, the owner is a gregarious, funny, and a genuinely nice guy. His sign advertising rabbit pizza on the day before Easter drew me in, and I’m glad it did.

The pizza here is interesting. It is by far the thinnest crust I have ever had. The dough is pressed by some sort of device, which results in a crust not much thicker than a few sheets of paper. It is then baked at high heat producing small blisters, but without the charring you get from ovens like those at Libretto. The toppings however were delicious. The pear and prosciutto pizza, with a mild blue cheese, was perhaps my favorite pie in Toronto yet. The BBQ chicken, with some coleslaw on top, also made my taste buds jump. If you are in the area craving pie, check the place out!

Buddha Pie on Urbanspoon


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